Osborne Park’s Choice for Paintless Dent Removal

Even the most careful drivers can’t prevent every bump and knock that happens to their vehicles, especially when it’s out of their control. Other drivers, runaway trolleys and unexpected hailstorms can cause damage to your car, leaving you with dings and dents that are unsightly and annoying. Luckily, drivers in Osborne Park and beyond can call Bowra Panel & Paint to book in for a paintless dent removal service, and say goodbye to those annoying marks.

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

A technique employed by skilled mechanics, paintless dent removal is a method of repairing the damage done by accidents, hail, and other bumps that have left dents and dings on your vehicle. An innovative technique in the automotive industry, trained dent removal experts use hand tools to manipulate the damaged areas back to their original forms. Using gentle movements, this method allows the original paint to remain intact, meaning that new paintwork is often not required. An incredibly efficient method, paintless dent removal can be utilised in instances of small and large dents and dings. Repairs are quick, typically taking only minutes to resolve.

Friendly and Skilled Repairs in Osborne Park

Bowra Panel and Paint was established in 1970 and have been leaders in offering paintless dent removal for vehicle owners across Osborne Park, Scarborough and Mount Hawthorn. Having developed a reputation for providing exceptional smash repairs and panel beater services, we have built great relationships with insurance companies, dealerships and businesses in the private sector. Our friendly and skilled team operate out of a state-of-the-art workshop, offering smash repairs and towing services to drivers across the area. It’s our mission to get you back on the road safely and swiftly. To book in with our dent removalists call (08) 9446 5466 or fill out an enquiry form.